Policies and Refunds


We offer refunds on a case by case basis. We are all human and at Beau Bright, we want to make sure you are a returning customer.

Any questions? Please contact us via our contact form and lets have an email chat. 


Broken something? ah man, I hope not. We try and wrap our products as well as possible to survive it's short time in transport. But if one of the items you have received seems to have been drop kicked over the fence, let us know and we won't leave you with a broken anything.


Lost in the space or should I say AusPost's Postal System....

Stay calm, we'll locate it. First things to do: Look on the tracking number from the email we sent you. This will take you to AusPost's website. All our parcels are sent with Express post so if it's been way longer then expected - you can track the parcel and lodge a customer enquiry if it looks like it should be with you but isn't.


The tracking says Delivered but I haven't received it

Don't panic! We will find it! Firstly, has it been hidden in a safe place where no burglars would ever look to find it.... (Posties have a special knack for finding the only place you'd never look for a parcel). If you live in an apartment, is it tucked behind the mailboxes? Does a neighbour have it? Did it go to the reception and is still sitting at reception? Did you give the correct address or apartment number? There are ooodles and oooodles of reasons why a parcel either hasn't arrived or says delivered. But we will find it (with your help!). And if we can't? Don't panic! We'll quick smart send a new one.


Oh no, I've given the wrong address

Oh bugger. It happens, quick email or call me before I send it! Already sent? It's ok, call me and we can work it out. I know you didn't intentionally give us the incorrect address. With a bit of luck, the incorrect recipient might even return the care package to me.



A day we all love, except - kinda me. Because when I send your orders, the weekend gets in the way and the next business day is Monday, and you've guessed it - your parcel won't arrive until AFTER the weekend.

I always want to help but I just can't get deliveries made on the weekend - perhaps when I've sold 10,000,000,000 candles I might be able to set up my own weekend courier. But for now, I have to rely on AusPost.


Out of Stock

From time to time we go out of stock - mainly because we are a small boutique businesses and we can't keep up with your demand and need to hand make all the items. But rest assured, you can pre order!