Meet the Maker

Meet Sarah Willmott


Sarah Willmott is the shining light at the heart of Beau Bright. Not just the creator of another pamper product business, Sarah helps busy Australian women ditch the notion of guilt around self-care. Via her soothing body scrubs, aromatic candles, and rejuvenating lip balms, Sarah encourages daily rituals that prioritise wellbeing, and believes that non-negotiable down is the ticket to a happy life.

Founding Beau Bright in 2018, Sarah is no new-comer to entrepreneurship. Her first business, Feel Better Box, continues to garner widespread praise from customers and contemporaries alike. It saw her place runner up as Emerging AusMumpreneur in the Mumpreneur Business Awards within two years of it launching,

Yet her success comes as surprise to few. Sarah refuses to do anything by halves and pours all the care and magic into Beau Bright as she intends for her customers to receive from it. Working with the likes Jen Dugard early in her career allowed Sarah to see first-hand how love, passion and unwavering dedication can positively impact business and the lives of others.

And what will you find the girl once crowned “social butterfly of the year” by work collegues, when she’s not busy building the business of her dreams? Filling her family home with love and laughter (and a rocking soundtrack!), spending time at the beach year-round, dreaming up her next overseas adventure and making a habit of saying “yes” more often than saying “no” to life’s abundant opportunities.

She lives in Melbourne Australia.

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