Why Beau Bright?


We use 100% natural ingredients and make small batch hand blended products that are toxin free. We are proudly Australian made. And honestly, we are a fun filled business that aims to soothe your soul and take you some place far away from the present, to dream of travels and the future.


Why did we decide to have products with a Himalayan salts? 

Because of their hidden benefits. Who knew Himalayan salts not only tasted great they contain over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

When bathing in a warm bath with Himalayan pink salt, you are helping your body to become mineralised because the salt is so mineral rich and also detoxify. The Himalayan salt helps pull out some toxins in your skin whilst you relax and de-stress.


Why Lip Balm?

Honestly, we couldn’t live without our trusty lip balm, we use it before bed and before leaving the house. When we’re sick or in cold weather, our lip balm is always there for us. Our lip balm is made in small batches using premium quality natural ingredients. 


What’s with the candles to an apparent skincare brand? 

Because why not? We love candles, in particular Coffee scented candles. And we thought maybe you might like it too? I love dusty colours and cute packaging – we think you might love them too?


We seem to have a thing about travel.

Ah-ha you’ve noticed? This is because we love it. We love reminiscing the holidays, we love researching the next trips and we love embracing the trip. Life is too short not to be your oyster.