“You can’t find happiness at the end of your journey if you didn’t bring it with you all along.”

– Katrina Mayer


At some point in time – possibly between strutting out of my safe, warm family nest and learning how to professionally adult - I discovered the importance of practicing self-care. Like any girl who knows her Amaretto Sour from her Aperol Spritz, I wasn’t too slow off the mark at realising a few luxuries adds up to a life containing just the right amount of magic.

Soaking in a long, hot bath on a Friday night before hitting the bars and clubs with my fave playlist dialled up – loud. Lighting a scented candle, grabbing a glass of wine, and hitting pause on life to plan outfits for the upcoming music festival with my #girlsquad. Browsing the cosmetics floor on a lazy Sunday afternoon, sampling as many perfumes as there was space for up the length of my arms. Hitting CONFIRM BOOKING on my first overseas jaunt before reapplying my fave lip balm and whispering to the universe “Why not?”

Much like the best adventures in life, my Beau Bright journey began with the same two little words:

“Why not?”

And it was borne of the desire to see women throughout Australia have the magic they deserve infused in each and every day.

I’m not just excited about cute, hand-poured candles (but heck, aren’t they cute?!). Nor am I cray-zay about bath salts that smell so divine they allow the mind to wander to another place and time. I’m not just peddling pamper products. No, siree. I’m passionate about savouring the last hours of our weekends. I’m for creating life’s Insta-worthy moments, not scrolling through them. I’m for trading a night behind the laptop for a long-overdue meditation. And I’m a big HELL YEAH for dialling our health and wellbeing up a notch.

It’s time to ditch the guilt around self-care.

In fact, when making space in our lives for self-care is this easy, the only time that guilt should nip at our patent-leather pumps is when we don’t.

Between the long commutes to work, soul-sucking meeting, the bills, denying ourselves that bag of Doritos (and the guilt that accompanies eating said bag of Doritos), the weeks that feel like Friday night will be forever MIA and JUST. SO. MUCH. ADULTING, self-care needn’t be complicated, elaborate, time-consuming or expensive.

It just needs to be a priority.

Life can be a design-your-own adventure. Life can be full to the brim with magic. And sometimes, a one-way ticket to the kind of life you deserve requires just a few minutes of each day, a handful of natural ingredients, and two little words:

“Why not?”


Beau Bright Owner - Sarah Willmott

Sarah Willmott is the shining light at the heart of Beau Bright. Her handmade beauty and body products encourage busy women to prioritise daily rituals that promote wellbeing.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey began early, after a career opportunity with the likes of Jen Dugard showed Sarah how passion and unwavering dedication can positively impact business and the lives of others. Her first business, Feel Better Box, continues to grow from strength to strength.

When not immersed in the joy that is Beau Bright, you’ll find Sarah at the beach with her family, saying “yes” to as many of life’s opportunities as possible, dreaming up her next overseas adventure, and savouring every moment of her well-earned downtime.

Media and PR enquiries can be sent to sarah@beaubright.com