About us


I'm Sarah and I think you'd like me if we met. I'm young at heart, I love to laugh - especially at myself, I'm optimistic, I love being around the go-getters, the doers, the dreamers, who travel and see life as an adventure. I don't take myself too seriously and I thrive at being busy. Which has lead me to Beau Bright. I wanted to turn my little hobby from a passion past time to a passion full time. But I wanted to include everything I love from the names to the colours to the scents to the packaging. Why not hey? I'm the boss lady! 


A bit more about me:

I love the smell of coffee but can't drink caffeine

I love long hot baths and the smell of coconut

I love dusty colours and nostalgic packaging

I love the feeling of unwrapping a surprise gift

I love the Australian seascape and am Remininicant of my British childhood

I loved living in Sydney but am loving Melbourne just as much

I love that my children were born Aussies before I became Aussie

I love that my entire family moved to Australia before me (including the dog)

I love that I am sitting here writing this for you to read and I know we'd be friends.